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If your home feels more like anxiety than sanctuary, it may be time to get organized

Jem Mercedes

The House Fairy


My name is Jem and I'm your personal 'House Fairy', here to help transform your dysfunctional space into a harmonious sanctuary. As a house fairy, I use domestic 'magic' to create sustainable organizational systems crafted for your unique lifestyle. Homes & creative spaces are my specialty.

As an artist & designer, artistic decoration is woven into my practice. Whatever your needs may be, allow me to help you build a sanctuary you'll never want to leave!

Professional Organizing with a touch of magic


Top view of organized kitchen drawers. Modern kitchen organization of spaces.

Home Organization

  • Kitchen
  • Closet
  • Bedrooms
  • Living Spaces
  • Garage
  • Etc.
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Commercial Organization

  • Offices
  • Creative Spaces
  • Retail
Wall with Framed Art Print

Art & Décor

  • Art Curation
  • Art Installation
  • Custom Art Sourcing
  • Interior Design
  • Home Staging

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Client Reviews

My experience with Jem was great for many reasons, I simply cannot recommend her enough. Since we first started communicating about my project, to organize a few spaces, I could tell that she was highly socially aware and emotionally intelligent. Meeting her in person was great and as expected had an amazing personality. She brought organization supplies, and absorbed all the info I told her about the spaces with cunning intuition on how to tackle all of the spaces. I worked with her over a few days and she completely transformed multiple spaces from disorganized to ultra organized down to the labeled bin or down to the color . She also helped me purge two massive trash bags full of stuff that I didn't even know I had, stuff I truly didn't like, and stuff that I've been trying to get rid of for so long but wasn't able to. She was very flexible and very willing to listen to my feedback, again her EQ is high and consistently checked in to make sure what she was doing was what I wanted. I appreciated her communication so much. Organizing and purging can also be emotional, I went through a bunch of stuff from my pet who passed but having Jem be there for the whole process was a true blessing, she is truly magical and she did amazing work. Thanks Jem!

-- Eric F.

I have used the services for various projects. The customer service was impeccable and she arrived promptly which is a plus. Also, the ability to help me condense items in rooms but still kept it Contemporary and Colorful. Would highly recommend their services to anyone.

-- Jacqueline I.

Jem is an amazing organizer Her talents transformed my disorderly home office into a space where I can actually think. This is the cleanest it's been in 3 years! Would definitely hire again and recommend her services to friends .

-- Sean S.

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Chicago, IL

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